../../Program%20Files/Macromedia/Dreamweaver%20Trial/DTCM/test/The%20Artist%20&%20his%20Pen%20125Whimsical cartoon caricatures are a popular addition to any gathering, be it business or purely social. Dan the Cartoon Man® (Daniel Minamide) has been delighting folks, including many famous names, with his drawings since 1967.

Long recognized by his peers as one of the premier performers in the specialized field of quick-draw cartooning entertainment, he is also sought after for logo design and illustrations and various other projects, including storyboards and as a consultant in some television projects. Serving Southern California for over 30 years, he has provided art and entertainment to countless thousands.

DTCM BABY ARTIST 200A native Californian, Daniel has turned a life-long love affair with cartoons into a successful career. Born in Artesia, California (just south of L.A.), he has always lived in Southern California's Orange County, venturing elsewhere only while in the military. Even the Army recognized his abilities, assigning him as an illustrator to a propaganda unit during the Vietnam War.

Daniel provides his talents for a broad spectrum of events and projects, from birthday parties to conventions. His lifelike caricatures can "break the ice" at any gathering.

While most artists' works hang in prestigious museums, the Cartoon Man's sketches are known to grace walls (both humble and grand) throughout the world. This makes opportunities for viewing his life's work somewhat limited , although collections of his works can be seen at some very exclusive clubs. Lakeside Golf Club members' caricatures hang on their "Wall of Fame" in the Men's Locker Room (Sorry, ladies!), while the Jonathan Club utilizes the humorous depictions to add to the ambiance of "The Grill" at their facilities in downtown Los Angeles.

Quick of wit and quicker of pen, Dan the Cartoon Man® provides a unique touch, and a wonderful addition sure to enhance your event.

Dan lives in Fullerton, CA and maintains a studio there.

Dan the Cartoon Man and stepdaughter, Tammy

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