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John Ritter

Leeza Gibbons

Harold Goldberg Vice President Print Control (Ret.) Universal Pictures


Chupee and Ufee Frisbee200
©Renaissance Entertainment

 Florida-based Renaissance Entertainment commissioned the development of the two characters for a UFO-themed showcase.
Chupee Attacking 200
©Renaissance Entertainment

© 1999 PRO-PLUS, All rights reserved

Fountain Valley (Calif.) High School's mascot, unchanged since the early 1960's,

was given a "makeover" by the Cartoon Man resulting in a friendlier, upbeat image.


"The Skipper" Alan Hale

Johnny Grant - The Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

Actress Connie Stevens

Mickey Jones - Actor

Former Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates with Michael Wayne and Patrick Wayne (In helicopter)

Renowned DJ, the late Robert W. Morgan

Hall of Fame Pitcher, Don Sutton

Hall of Fame Pitcher, Nolan Ryan

Actress Markie Post shows off her Special Edition "ToonMan Cruise Lines" t-shirt.

G.W. Bailey and Kellye Nakahara

Actress Doris Roberts

Elgin and Elaine Baylor